Happy people perform better!

We help companies to reach their goals by offering worldwide unique experiences
that create lasting impressions on their target audience and simply make them happier.
In this way we help our clients to achieve an even greater level of success.

We guarantee unique experiences.

We apply target-driven creativity and strategic thinking to actively shape experiences that clearly distinguish companies, brands and events from others.

We activate the needs, dreams and aspirations of the target groups and secure a competitive advantage for our clients.

We build on long-term customer relationships.

Whether large or small, domestic or international, our clients are companies and the people involved with them.
In sales and marketing, PR and investor relations, human resources or purchasing.
From top management to sales persons.
From sales partner to supplier.

We love this diversity and focus on long-term partnerships based on honest, transparent and fair cooperation.

We fascinate with perfection.

Our clients know what they can expect from us. And they can rely on us to always deliver exactly what they want and a little more on top.
Quality and reliability are our core competencies.
Because any idea, no matter how creative, is nothing without perfect realization.
For us, this means the highest quality of consulting services, ‘no risk’ project management, active support, and efficient use of resources.

We think and work internationally.

We have been creating experiences for companies and their guests around the world for over 20 years. We have regional know-how in more than 75 countries, are right where the customer needs us, and know the local ropes.

We know how things work in different settings. We understand different cultures and mindsets and speak the language of our customers, no matter where the target group comes from.

Sustainable impact.

More customer loyalty. More sales growth. More brand awareness. More market share.
Our experiences always target economic success. With climate neutral event design and the assumption of social responsibility, we offer an ecological and social added value.

Courage, creativity and passion.

Since our foundation in 1993 we have been, above all, a pioneer and leading innovator for experience marketing in Austria. We have moved things forward with unique concepts for renowned clients like Internorm, voestalpine, Allianz, and OMV. Today, these companies are still our clients – which is the greatest accolade we could wish for.

More than 80% of our clients are regular customers, constantly in search of unique ideas and innovative power – and who know they can rely on our:

courage, creativity and passion.

Success with enthusiasm.

Our customers have achieved their objectives with the aid of our experience strategies.
We have impressed and inspired their guests and touched their emotions. As a result, we are permanently and constantly growing and maturing.

We keep a finger on the pulse of time, and recognize and create new trends.
We were the first event marketing agency to give a concept to incentives, turn events into message bearers, transform brand values to experience worlds, merge live communication with digital media, and create sustainable experiences.