Staging brands strategically

Strategic thinking is a prerequisite for successful business.

Strategic expertise is the result of years of experience and is consolidated in our “Customer Experience Creation” Unit which develops experience strategies for sales optimization, brand communication, and change management processes.

We also develop event formats customized to corporate strategies. With comprehensive consulting and support services, and a precise analysis of the target group and definition of the marketing goals, we secure the successful implementation of the strategic concepts.

We never lose sight of the holistic aspect. We keep a 360° perspective on combining live communication with social and digital media and PR into a powerful communication campaign.

Unique experiences require creative skills.

This is true for the concept phase as well as for multimedia, set and show designs, and the sequencing and scripting of events.

We are always open for new ideas and in search of new inspirations. We develop powerful concepts from messages, turn them into stories, create strong mottos, and visualize them in an emotional world of images. We tap all the senses and trigger the emotional drivers to anchor memories.

Creativity is key to us. It is the foundation of successful communication.

Any idea is only as good as its implementation.

Quality, service and reliability are our top priorities.

Experienced and highly qualified teams of key account and event project specialists together meet the highest demands of our clients –from consulting through to production. They inspire with their production skills, reliable organization and professional quality management.

Quality is our core competence. We were Austria´s first event marketing agency to offer an own quality management system. But that’s not all: employee trainings, internal quality control, program protection, test runs, and alternative scenarios complete our uncompromising pursuit of the highest quality.

This we pledge. So that we can safeguard the success of our clients’ projects.