Live experiences online

The connection between live and online is nothing new to us.

For years we have been providing live experiences with virtual communication that lead and involve target groups - before, during and after the event:

In times of Corona and event bans, our expertise helps us to relocate experiences to the virtual arena.

For example management summits, leadership conventions and kick-off meetings. Just like for exhibitions, product launches, openings or brand experiences.

...the event comes to the guest

A live experience - experiencing messages with all your senses - can never be completely replaced.  But now digital concepts are needed.

Today anyone can zoom and stream live. In order to really communicate sustainably and to convey messages, it requires more than the use of conventional conference solutions.

Also to achieve the communication goals online, you need a well thought-out concept with a dramaturgy that is geared towards the target group. Experience-oriented. With infotainment character.

Bringing messages to life online

Bringing digital and real prodctions into harmony requires a new dramaturgy.

We design digital events for different occasions, objectives and target groups by bringing emotions and atmosphere from the stage to the internet.

With a storyline of surprising ideas and interactive building blocks that are tailored to the occasion and target group.

With our concepts we ensure that both worlds connect.

In the following we present two concept solutions:


Live - from a real location

The event takes place in a real location. For example, in the exciting and authentic setting of a TV studio. Only the actors in front of and behind the cameras are on site. The audience is there digitally, i.e. from the (home) office.

Dramaturgy and storyline

For a real community experience on the net, a storyline and dramaturgy must be created in which the audience is involved through interaction.

Enthusiastic actors

The program is designed by real actors, such as hosts and moderators.

In addition, guests have their say, such as external and internal experts, keynote speakers - also live in the studio or connected. A supporting program designed by artists creates emotions.

Infotainment - interaction and entertainment

The involvement of the audience through chats, votes, opinion polls and gamification, etc. ensures interaction and attention online.

The virtual location / 3D space

We design a virtual three-dimensional space as a venue – entirely in your corporate design. Or we can digitally recreate real locations, such as your exhibition and meeting location. Your production facility. Your head office. The Hofburg or a creative pop-up location. Everything is possible.

The participants enter the virtual room - visit the plenum, take part in talks and discussions, or go to the exhibition room, where they can exchange ideas with those responsible at the stands.

Futuristic moderation

A creatively designed avatar acts as a host in the virtual room and controls the participants' digital tour through the program and content. The avatar can also be replaced by a real moderator who is integrated into the virtual room.

Inspirational information and communication

Hosts, experts, keynote speakers will be connected live. In the TEDx style. Additional video clips convey further core messages. 

Exciting interaction and co-creation

The audience is there live and is actively involved in the storyline - for example by means of discussions or Q & A's, mood queries or votes, interactive sessions or lessons. Or gamification tools. Working together in virtual space.

Live feeling through live acts

The virtual space becomes an inspiring music, theater or comedy stage for live acts. Depending on the topic / messages, artists are also switched on and create emotions.

"Coffee breaks" & virtual networking

Coffee breaks are also built in for guests in the (home) office. In the case of homemade coffee, the exchange and socializing takes place using social media tools, such as online chats or the like.

Live Experience Box

In advance, we put together a package that is transmitted to the participants in a completely analogue manner. The content consists of tailor-made gimmicks, which are also linked to specific tasks (e.g. Lego Serious Play). The completion of these tasks takes place in an interactive session and is documented by the participants themselves (uploading photos, videos, etc.).