Communicating live with events!

We create innovative concepts that turn messages into tangible experiences.

  • Marketing events
  • Product launches
  • Inauguration ceremonies and opening events
  • Award galas and anniversary events
  • Media summits and press launches
  • Capital market days
  • Conferences with experiential character
  • Eco Efficient Events

Fulfilling dreams with incentives!

We not only organize fascinating experiences around the globe, but also design creative approaches for corporate objectives, evaluation structures and communication services. A spectacular motto creates enthusiasm. Emotional stories are the material that dreams are made of – and provide motivation for top performance.

  • Sales competitions
  • Motivation schemes
  • Incentive schemes
  • Incentive events
  • Customer loyalty concepts
  • Learning expeditions (business – eco – social)
  • Loyalty programs

Bringing brand experiences to life!

Customers want to experience brand environments and business worlds with all their senses. We stage expertise in a professional way by interlacing brands and products with emotions. We create worlds of experiences that fascinate – at the POS, events, showrooms, production sites, and at fairs and public spaces.

  • Brand promotions
  • Road shows
  • Temporary brand lands & theme worlds (company, brand, product presentations)
  • Themed events
  • Fairs and exhibitions

Turning education into an adventure!

Whether leadership programs, accompanying change management processes, or presenting future strategies – emotional experiences secure long-term anchoring of the key messages. Extraordinary showplaces, future-oriented business expeditions and action-packed work-shows ensure that the learning content will have a lasting effect.

  • Manager meetings
  • Management conventions
  • Motivation events
  • Information and learning events (vision and model building processes, strategy presentations, change processes, fusions, corporate reshuffles, corporate culture)

Success with sustainability!

Future-oriented event and incentive marketing requires innovative approaches. With Eco Efficient Events we have created a new benchmark that combines experiences with sustainability and sets a new direction.
Experiencing values. Conserving resources. Social commitment.

Climate neutral event and incentive design and social engagement do not mean giving up anything, but create added value. For a better image, more loyalty, and a better identity.

  • Eventful CSR programs
  • Climate neutral event design

Limitless community experiences!

The new opportunities of online communication are having a massive impact on event formats. This is a challenge we are ready to take on, to provide live communication in perfect interaction with videos, the web, and mobile and social media. We combine live experiences with virtual communication to involve and integrate the audience in order to create an added value for everyone involved.

  • Live streaming
  • Webcasts
  • Webinars
  • Online platforms (registration websites, chat functions, etc.)
  • Mobile communication
  • Social media