60 Journeys around the world
The book by Erlebnismarketing founder Rudi Lumetsberger

Author’s Foreword: “The book 60 Journeys around the world describes my personal experiences, on private and professional trips. Whether it’s a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway, crossing the Namib, expeditions in the Himalayas, rafting adventures on the wild Zambezi, being live at the Dakar Rally in the Sahara, or driving a Formula 1 car in Estoril, just to name a few experiences. Over the years, I have traveled to 88 states, 66 capital cities, 104 major metropolises, 255 countries and regions, on 5 continents. All of this led to me spending around 10 years of my life traveling and circled our earth about 75 times.


Why 60 stories and experiences? Because I turned 60 years old this year. It could just as well have been 100 travel experiences. My 60th birthday this year seemed like the right occasion. Even more so at the end of the pandemic, which greatly restricted our travel and only allowed more adventures in our heads.”

Live Changing Experiences

“I have chosen 60 destinations that include personal adventures, experiences and encounters, that are truly unique and could be the aspirations and dreams of anyone, the so-called “Once In A Lifetime Experiences”.


All of these adventure stories are customized and sustainable travel experiences, told from my personal point of view. It’s about encountering other cultures and benefiting from their people. Experiencing extreme natural worlds and learning to properly place the role of humans within them. To travel into the future, although it is not possible.“

Rudi’s Africa project
In Kooperation mit dem Jane Goodall Institute Austria

Sustainability plays an essential role not only in the travel experiences recounted. The book itself was also printed in a climate-neutral way and does not cause any CO2 emissions.

In addition, the net proceeds from the sale of the book will go to RUDI’S AFRICA PROJECT – a sustainability project initiated in Uganda by Rudi Lumetsberger in cooperation with the Jane Goodall Institute Austria (JGI):


Our connection with Jane Goodall

At the age of 26, she went to the jungle of Gombe on Lake Tanganyika to research suspected “great apes” there. This made her famous.

In 2010, we immediately thought of her: The topic of corporate responsibility was taken up in companies – and we began to develop incentive projects with an experiential and meaningful character for this purpose.

In the meantime, Jane Goodall’s mission had also evolved. In 1977, the pioneer of behavioral research founded the first institute in her name – with the goal of working as a nonprofit organization for the protection of chimpanzees combined with a humanitarian vision. In the meantime, the work for holistic species protection has developed into a worldwide movement.

The declared goal is to show that each and every individual can make a valuable contribution to a world worth living in. For the respectful and sustainable treatment of people, animals and nature in harmony.


Sustainable support for Jane Goodall

Since 2010, Erlebnismarketing has been supporting Jane Goodall’s projects and programs in the form of customer projects and from its own funds.

Erlebnismarketing founder Rudi Lumetsberger had the pleasure of meeting Jane Goodall in person in Gombe National Park on Lake Tanganyika, hiking with her through the jungle and visiting her chimpanzees. And also in Austria we organized events, lectures, press conferences with her, visited her personally in the British Embassy. We built schoolrooms in Tanzania, gave hope for years with school programs for pygmy children in Uganda, supported agricultural and reforestation programs.


But now to the project. What is it about?

Project background

Jane Goodall considers reforestation projects in Uganda to be particularly valuable.

The JGI has set itself the task of working with the local population to preserve Africa’s forests and their wildlife and to actively contribute to climate protection.

Planting trees is only one (important) part of this.

These projects integrate the local people, explain to them what an intact forest does for their local ecosystem, take protective measures together and start initiatives to build tree nurseries for reforestation.


To safeguard biodiversity and chimpanzee habitat, sensitize local people to sustainable agriculture and forestry, and promote economic self-reliance, JGI (Austria) has been running these reforestation programs in the Budongo-Bugoma corridor in western Uganda since 2015.

By connecting individual forest islands, important habitat (especially also for chimpanzees) can be reclaimed, the ecological balance stabilized and the future secured for the people.


Offering growing perspectives with tree nurseries – our concrete project in Western Uganda

The model of decentralized tree nurseries developed by the JGI, which has already been implemented in communities in the Budongo-Bugoma corridor in recent years, is now to be increasingly taken to schools. In the coming years, it is planned to focus on education on forest, climate and reforestation in 10 schools.

Around each school, nurseries will be established with planting beds containing seedlings. These are mango, avocado and cacao trees – because these “all-rounders” improve the soil and microclimate. They provide additional income and can be easily reconciled with the interests of local forest owners and farmers.


Environmental education and sustainable agriculture and forestry are top priorities in this project. After all, reforestation can only be successful in the long term if the local communities are involved.

Schools are particularly important in this regard. The focus is on raising young people’s awareness of the forest, as a valuable resource, as a local and global climate regulator and as a habitat for humans and animals. At the same time, students are taught practical knowledge in the areas of agriculture and forestry.



Available for order now!

The book can be ordered by email at buero@erlebnismarketing.com

About the Author

Traveling the world, this has determined the life of the author Rudi Lumetsberger for at least the last 40 years. Already during his studies at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, he was on the road as a tour guide on almost all continents. Shortly after his graduation and Ph.D., he founded the Gesellschaft für Erlebnismarketing in 1993 together with Rainer Reichl. The company primarily deals with worldwide incentive and event programs and has become a leading full-service event agency in Austria. In 2017, he was inducted into the Austrian Event Industry’s Hall of Fame, particularly for his contributions to sustainable incentive experiences that go far beyond conventional travel and events.


As an independently managed company of the REICHLUNDPARTNER agency group, Gesellschaft für Erlebnismarketing has the background of a creative agency, digital agency, media agency, social media agency and PR agency, making it more powerful than comparable agencies in Austria.

Book details

352 pages, hardcover

60 travel stories complemented by many emotional and authentic images

First edition, Vienna, December 2022

Copyright by Rudi Lumetsberger (author and publisher)

Publisher: Gesellschaft für Erlebnismarketing, Kärntner Ring 6/DG 1/6, 1010 Vienna

Climate neutral printing

The book can be ordered by e-mail at buero@erlebnismarketing.com.

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