150 Years of ÖGV

A celebration event with many highlights: A creative stage setting as a bridge to the future, a surprise video with Hanno Settele as a taxi driver, who “learned” more about the ÖGV on his rides, and emotional dance performances by the Vienna State Opera Ballet to the cooperative image of man “Homo cooperativus”, which framed the virtual & live statements of the high-profile stage guests. Photos: Felicitas Matern, feelimage

Tourismuspreis Niederösterreich

A new stage for the best tourism companies in Lower Austria! Not only the competition itself, but also the award ceremony was implemented in a new, modern format – tailored to the new tourism strategy: As a lively and dynamic talk show, where the winners were announced with a surprise effect. Hosted by Kristina Sprenger, live accompaniment by Sebastian Grimus on saxophone. Photos: seidlseidl.at

90 Years Internorm – Online Partner Event

Online event for 1,300 distributors from 21 countries. Live from the headquarters in Traun. With moderation, talks, live broadcasts to the countries, multimedia presentations, a dynamic drone video over the production line as well as emotional interactive surprises for the anniversary.

The Spirit of Progress

Image event of voestalpine for 150 VIP guests (customers, opinion leaders, media). Occasion: 60 years of LD process. Parallel in Linz and Donawitz – with live feed.

OMV Vienna Summit: Visions & Values

Presentation of the new brand positioning to 2,500 retail sales partners (info show, world of experience, award gala).

Givenchy press launch

Product launch for 50 trade journalists at the Leopold Museum in Vienna (staged brand experience world).

Wetten Renault Trucks

Bet Renault Trucks. Brand presentation of the new truck product range for 350 customers, sales partners and media representatives in the Salzburg Arena.

Skoda Yeti-ing

360° consumer promotion for the market launch of the Skoda Outdoor and City Yeti (trade fair promotion, social media campaign, dealer interaction, casting camp Salzburg, lifestyle and outdoor tour).

Birner Speed Festival

Motivation program for 1,000 workshop partners.

Worldsteel Congress

Traditional and innovative evening programs: An evening with Thomas Hampson at Palais Liechtenstein. As well as “Viennovation” – a staged interactive theater evening in the Metastadt with John Malkovich, orchestra, soloists and space-filling imagery.

Conrad Akkurace

Brand Image Event for schools and apprentices.

McNeal Opening

VIP and media event on the occasion of the opening at P&C’s Vienna Weltstadthaus.

Wiener Strategie Forum

Event series of the “Austrian Strategic Management Society” for leading scientists and top decision makers from the business world at the Library & Learning Center, the landmark on the WU campus.

Vision Impossible

Business expedition into the future and future vision of the company. Employees of a major financial services company discover the latest social and technological trends on a trip to three cities of the future.

Breaking Boundaries

Plant commissioning in Schwäbisch-Gmünd. “Breaking Boundaries” – with new technology, the limits of what was previously possible are being broken. This was symbolically staged: The guests broke through a wall of cubes. Afterwards, the USP’s of the facility were implemented in multimedia, with statements and live acts.

GoodForAll – Eco Expedition

GoodForAll – an incentive project with more meaning. An insurance company focuses on climate and environmental protection. In cooperation with the famous chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall, a sustainable incentive program is developed.

Let’s Color – Community Event

360° brand image campaign on the occasion of a brand relaunch (social media, print, promotion, media event, consumer community building & action, charity).

First Class Opening Gala

Opening event on the occasion of the opening of the Plus City extension. TV star Michelle Hunziker hosted a gala for the first time and accompanied the more than 1,000 VIP guests through an extravagant program with multimedia imagery, light, pyro and laser performances, artists from Circus Roncalli and many star guests.

Birner Offroad Expedition – Iceland

Motivation program for 1,000 workshop and dealer partners: On the road to success together on Europe’s most spectacular off-road tracks.

Birner Offroad Expedition – Sierra Nevada

Motivation program for 1,000 workshop and dealer partners: On the road to success together on the most spectacular off-road tracks.

Social Expeditions

Motivation program for the sales department of an insurance company in cooperation with SOS Kinderdorf. The winners of the annual competition become honorary ambassadors and open a Children’s Village house on each continent (including Peru, Nepal/Bhutan, Namibia/Zambia).

85 Years of Internorm

Internorm Partner Presentation, a marketing and customer loyalty event for 1,300 international dealer partners. On the occasion of the 85th anniversary, a “symphony of tradition and innovation” was celebrated at the Musikverein Vienna.

Lichttaler Championship

Incentive program for LIFE salespeople and supervisors (analog and digital experiences, such as executive and employee kick-offs, live webinars, online mailings, posters, promotional activities, incentive event).

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