Communicate live with events

We design innovative concepts that make messages tangible.
We never see events as a isolated event, but always as part of the corporate culture and communication strategy.

  • Marketing Events
  • Product Launches
  • Startups and openings
  • Award galas and anniversaries
  • Media Summits and Press Launches
  • Capital Market Days
  • Congresses with an experiential character
  • Eco Efficient Events

Fulfill dreams with incentives

We not only organize fascinating experiences around the globe – but design creative approaches to target systems, evaluation structures and communication services. A sparkling motto creates enthusiasm. Emotional stories provide the stuff dreams are made of – and motivate peak performance.

  • Sales competitions
  • Motivation programs
  • Incentive systems
  • Incentive Events
  • Customer loyalty concepts
  • Learning Expeditions (Business – Eco – Social)
  • Loyalty programs

Staging brand experiences

Customers want to experience brand and corporate worlds with all their senses! We professionally stage core competencies by linking brands and products with emotions. We create worlds of experience that fascinate – at the POS, at events, in showrooms, at the production site, at trade fairs or in public places.

  • Brand Promotions
  • Roadshows
  • Temporary brandlands & theme worlds (company, brand, product presentations)
  • Theme events
  • Fairs and Exhibitions

Making continuing education an adventure

Whether leadership programs, support for change management processes or presentations of future strategies – emotional experiences ensure the long-term anchoring of core messages. Unusual locations, future-oriented business expeditions or action-packed workshows ensure that the learning content sticks.

  • Executive meetings
  • Management Conventions
  • Motivational Events
  • Information and learning events (vision and mission statement processes, strategy presentations, change processes, mergers, restructuring, corporate culture)

Success with sustainability

Future-proof event and incentive marketing needs innovative approaches! With Eco Efficient Events, we have developed a new value standard that combines experiences with sustainability and sets a new guideline:
Experience values. Conserve resources. Engage socially.

A climate-neutral event and incentive design and social commitment do not mean doing without, but create an additional added value: more image. More binding. More identity.

  • Experiential CSR programs
  • Climate neutral event design

Bringing messages to life – Online & Hybrid

Bringing digital and real productions into harmony requires a special dramaturgy. We design online and hybrid events for all occasions, objectives and target groups by bringing emotions and atmosphere from the stage to the web.


With the appropriate technical architecture and, above all, a storyline of surprising ideas and interactive components that are tailored to the occasion and target group.

With our concepts, we ensure that both worlds come together.


Live events with digital character

  • Real venue, e.g. authentic setting of a TV studio
  • Either as a purely digital event, i.e. only the actors are on site in front of and behind the cameras, the audience is present online
  • Or as hybrid event with physical presence and online participation
  • Dramaturgy and storyline as well as inspiring actors (e.g. moderation, internal or external speakers, live acts) create the arc of tension
  • Infotainment – interaction and entertainment (gamification, chats, voting, mood polls, etc.) guarantee the community experience


Digital events with a live feeling

  • Virtual venue / 3D space, completely designed in CI/CD or as a creative pop-up space
  • Participants enter the virtual space – visit the plenum, take part in talk rounds, go to the exhibition room where they exchange information with those responsible at the booths (chat)
  • A real moderator or a creatively designed avatar acts as host and steers the participants’ digital tour through the programme
  • Hosts, experts, keynote speakers will be connected live
  • Video clips convey further key messages
  • The audience is actively involved in the storyline (discussion rounds, Q&As, voting, interactive sessions, gamification), working together in a virtual space
  • Live feeling through emotional live acts
  • “Coffee breaks” & virtual networking
  • Live Experience Box – in the run-up to the event, we put together a package that is conveyed to the participants in a completely analogue way, e.g. with customised gimmicks

Boundless Community Experiences

The possibilities of online communication have a great influence on the format of events. A challenge that we have been actively helping to shape for a long time: Live communication in perfect interaction with video, web, mobile and social media. We combine live experiences with virtual communication that engages and integrates the viewer, creating added value for everyone involved.

Invitation to get to know each other


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